2022 is beginning, but 2021 ended in the most beautiful way… with Véronique De Conto‘s PhD defense. She successfully defended her PhD thesis about the importance of the microenvironment in cerebral in vitro models for phenotypic screening. We had the privilege to maintain the PhD defense on-site, even if one member of the PhD committee could not join physically. Thanks to the members of the PhD committee to review her work (Helene Castel, Catherine Villard, Emily Dejean & Jean-Philippe Stephan) and for the interesting discussions!

Véronique De Conto on the day of her PhD defense

We are proud of her achievements, with her work on in vitro neurotoxicity testing using SH-SY5Y cells (see article here) and 3D modelling with BIOMIMESYS® Brain as an extracellular matrix surrogate. She was working in the frame of a collaboration between HCS Pharma and LilNCog, as a CIFRE (public-private) PhD student supervised by Elodie Vandenhaute (HCS Pharma) and Vincent Berezowski (LilNCog, Lille Neuroscience and Cognition, Team “Degenerative and vascular cognitive disorders”, Lille, France). Thanks to ANRT for their great support!

Véronique receiving the PhD committee’s conclusions: she got it with congratulations!!!

After some well-deserved holidays, Véronique is now back in HCS Pharma as a project leader. Congratulations Véro 🙂 Please feel free to contact her if you want to discuss about her work!


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