Cell biology is part of the R&D activity in dermocosmetolgy. At HCS Pharma, we are developing dermocosmetology assay using our automation platform and high content analysis software.

Wound healing is a complex process resulting in new tissue formation, and skin remodeling. We have developed an in vitro automated assay in 96 well-plate using human primary epithelial keratinocytes in order to avoid expensive used of animal models, reduce the cost of assay and increase the volume of compounds tested.

This assay, also called “The scratch assay” is relevant to evaluate the efficacy of active ingredients for irritated skins as well as for stretch marks. In dermocosmetology, this assay is commonly used to assess compounds efficiency on wound healing process.


If you want to know more on this assay, follow this link to our page on the website or contact us!



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