Just before Covid-19 pandemic crisis widely spread to France, we attended the User Meeting organized by Molecular Devices in Hilton Garden Inn Leiden (Oegstgeest, Netherlands).

We enjoyed the programme, gathering a variety of topics but with high content analysis/screening as a common technique to answer diverse scientific questions.

On the first day, we enjoyed Lionel Meyer‘s talk about the development of drug candidates against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, followed by the presentation of new developments of ImageXpress Micro HCS system by Christian Holz (MolDev). After the coffee break, Elodie was glad to present our own use of HCS in 3D cell culture including the extracellular matrix with BIOMIMESYS®. Elodie and Zied answered to many questions, in particular regarding BIOMIMESYS® structure: thanks a lot for your interest in our hydroscaffold!

Source: Molecular Devices

NO, BIOMIMESYS is not a hydrogel and YES, it can be cast in biochips (look at this poster about BIOMIMESYS® Liver in a biochip) !

Afterwards, Paul Fitzpatrick presented through videoconference an in vitro model for lung toxicity screening used by AstraZeneca in their safety department. Finally, Kristina Bishard talked about Mimetas‘ Organ-on-a-chip models. The day ended with a delicious dinner in the hotel! It was great to discuss with Valérie Jouan-Hureaux and Alicia Chateau from Lorraine University along the dinner…

On the second day, we particularly appreciated the improvised discussion between Molecular Devices’ team and automated microcopy users about the current issues and future challenges of HCS and related image analysis/storage issues. In our opinion, this type of session was of great interest and should be repeated in all future user meetings!

We also heard about the development of angiogenesis assays by Wendy Stam from LUMC, and about the use of HCS in molecular immunology and immunosensation by Bernd Bufe: we learned a lot!

Presentation by Dagma Zunner about AWES (Advanced Workflow and Engineering Solutions) activities of Moecular Devices

We cannot quote everyone but we would like to thank all participants for the friendly atmosphere, and interesting interactions we had all along the user meeting! Of course we would like to thank Molecular Devices’ team that organized the event, with a warm thank to Imad Zalloum, Maja Hoi, Sue Burgess… Thank you all for this momentous event! We are looking forward to attending the next one.


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