Add the extracellular matrix in your 3D cellular assays

BIOMIMESYS® 3D technology is a natural HA-based scaffold to better mimic the tissue microenvironment and provide more predictive tools for drug development. The BIOMIMESYS® products are formed by crosslinking reaction of hydrosoluble modified hyaluronic acid and others matrix components with ADH (adipic acid dihydrazide), to mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM). Depending on the organ, ECM components vary and are present in different proportions, allowing a more or less dense and compact cellular environment. BIOMIMESYS® 3D technology allows us to reproduce the cell microenvironment of each organ.

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Vaihere joins us as a lab technician

Vaihere Cheung obtained her technology A-level (STL) in 2018 at La Mennais, in French Polynesia. Then she came to metropolitan France to reach a technician diploma in Biological engineering, specialized in biological and biochemical analysis, Read more…

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