We are pleased to announce that HCS Pharma secured 20 Million EUR capital commitment from GEM group following the public listing of the company shares on a European stock exchange.  We are under the IPO process that we will finalize in the next coming months. The proceeds of IPO with GEM commitment will be used to accelerate the development of the range of BIOMIMESYS® products and their commercialization in the global market.

BIOMIMESYS® is a groundbreaking 3D technology that enables the faithful reproduction of the microenvironment of any organ/tissue, healthy or cancerous. Compared to all other 3D systems, BIOMIMESYS® is a sophisticated HA-based hydroscaffold™ with hybrid composition (hydrogel & solid scaffold), defined bioactivities, and tunable viscoelasticity allowing to reproduce all behaviors of in vivo ECM and Tumoral ECM, and to study a vast space of mechanical conditions found in cancerous tissues.

Thanks to BIOMIMESYS®, HCS Pharma has been recognized as Deep Tech Pionner by Hello Tomorrow, and has been listed in the “Top43” Deep Tech companies coached by Invest Horizon European program in 2020.

In order to continue the development and commercialization of BIOMIMESYS® products in drug discovery but also in cell therapy, we have already created a new representative office in Taïwan and enter in incubation in NHRI in 2021.

The funding from GEM group associated with the public listing will help us to accelerate the development of HCS Pharma in Europe and in Asia.

You can find our press release here :


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