Thanks to our collaboration with the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy in Montpellier, HCS Pharma is now actively contributing to the advancement of a 3D in vitro model of osteoarthritic cartilage using the technology BIOMIMESYS®.

Our PhD student, Marina VILLAVERDE, is deeply immersed in this project and recently participated in the First NetwOArk Autumn School in Paris. This event highlighted the urgent need for an osteoarthritis (OA) cure and the importance of understanding its pathophysiology. Various speakers shared insights into techniques for mimicking osteoarthritis in vitro or in vivo using different models, and they outlined promising ways for innovative therapy.

Using our technology BIOMIMESYS® to reproduce the extracellular matrix of the cartilage, we aspire to develop a more relevant in vitro models and thus to enhance the success rate of pre-clinical studies in OA. This recent three-year project aims to expand the variety of 3D models offered by HCS Pharma, demonstrating its expertise and the relevance of BIOMIMESYS® technology in advancing pre-clinical models for drug research.

If you miss Marina at the event and want more information about our BIOMIMESYS® products, feel free to contact us!


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