RIKEN, equivalent to CNRS in France, is a national research and development agency based in Japan and is the largest comprehensive research institution in the country. After RIKEN symposium held in Belgium on February 14 where Dr Nathalie Maubon, our CEO, and Dr Meryl Roudaut, our stem cell and liver disease project leader, were present, a delegation of 6 Japanese researchers from RIKEN made a special visit to HCS Pharma‘s premises in Lille, in order to explore divers potential cooperations in iPSC, Organoid, cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Renowned for high-quality research and ground-breaking advances in fields ranging from genetics to cell biology, the RIKEN researchers visited HCS Pharma’s premises with the aim of pushing ahead of the frontiers of medical research, arousing interest among the teams of scientists and coordinators also present at the meeting.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the RIKEN team to HCS Pharma to present and discuss in greater depth a possible future collaboration. RIKEN symposium and this meeting enabled us to see that we share the same vision of the future in terms of molecule screening on more complex 3D cellular models for future drug treatment, as well as the use of these models for cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

We believe that the combination of the excellence of Japanese research, particularly in stem cell research using iPSC, and our breakthrough BIOMIMESYS® technology will enable both sides to move forward more rapidly in terms of technological/biological innovation, and thus overcome the scientific challenges for the future applications of the technology.

We would like to thank Dr. Toshiyasu ICHIOKA, director of RIKEN Europe Office, and Mr. Koji OMAE, Kobe City Government Director of Business Kobe Europe, for making this meeting possible, and all the RIKEN researchers present at the meeting.

We believe this will be the start of an even stronger collaboration between two organisations and a showcase of how international cooperations will accelerate the fundamental research for mutual benefits.


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