In Asia for a business trip, Nathalie Maubon, PhD, CEO & CSO of HCS Pharma, participated in a symposium during BioAsia event on late July, together with LumiSTAR Biotechnology (Taïwan) and Molecular Devices (USA). On this occasion, the 3 companies have highlighted their work on hiPSCs (human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) use in organoids for drug testing and screening.

Nathalie Maubon, CEO & CSO of HCS Pharma, met Yu-Fen Chang, CEP of LumiSTAR Biotechnology and Angeline Lim, application scientist from Molecular Devices company, at BioAsia in a specific symposium dealing with the future of drug discovery.

iPSCs representing an innovative and reliable source of human cells for in vitro modelling, they are more and more used in research and drug discovery process since their discovery by Yamanaka’s team in 2006. While HCS Pharma has developed, together with Institut du Thorax (Nantes, France), a protocol to get functional liver organoids in BIOMIMESYS®hydroscaffold in the frame of RHU Chopin project, LumiSTAR Biotechnology have focused their efforts on optogenetic tools to genetically modify the iPSCs. Molecular Devices has developed lab devices for mass-production of organoids on automated platforms, to democratize this technique that is not universal yet. These companies are working together to build a lab fro drug screening in Taipei by the end of this year.

BIOMIMESYS®, as an innovative and reliable 3D cell culture system, will be an important add-on for current and future drug discovery platforms in the pharmaceutical industry because adapted to high throughput formats and as a reproducible matrix. Allowing the model different aspects of tissue environment, BIOMIMESYS® product range also now has the advantage to be animal-free, therefore even more adapted to 3Rs than ever.

The press release (in French) can be found and downloaded here; special thanks to La Gazette du Laboratoire to spread the word! Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more or need our expertise in the field of iPSC culture and differentiation in 3D.


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