The annual “Research and Innovation” congress by ELRIG UK will take place on 20 and 21 March in Manchester. We are delighted to participate in this event with a poster presentation and a booth in the BreakThough Zone!

Our poster (number 5) will be about Influence of the extracellular matrix in breast cancer metastasis development. It will present the results obtained in BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture matrix, which has been published in Experimental Hematology & Oncology Journal: “ProNGF promotes brain metastasis through TrkA/EphA2 induced Src activation in triple negative breast cancer cells” (Cicero, Trouvilliez, et al. 2023). In this study, BIOMIMESYS® Brain and BIOMIMESYS® Liver matrices, which differ in both composition and stiffness to fully reproduce the organ microenvironment, has made possible to reproduce in vitro brain and liver metastasis behavior similar to that observed on mice. These results highlights the importance of the extracellular matrix organ specificity in breast cancer metastasis behavior. Moreover, this work has demonstrated that BIOMIMESYS® represents a powerful tool to study in vitro metastasis propagation, as well as an interesting alternative to animal testing.

If you want to learn more about our organ-specific matrix for 3D cell culture, you are kindly invite to meet us at our booth (number TBBZ4)! Nathalie Maubon, PhD, Founder and CEO of HCS Pharma, Vincent Gu, Managing Director, Veronique De Conto, PhD, project leader, and Rita Hien, Key account Manager, will be very happy to present you HCS Pharma’s purposes and core values, and to share with you their expertise on 3D cell cuture using BIOMIMESYS®!


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