Last week, it was a great pleasure to meet our partners during the kick-off meeting of ScaLABle-MEAT project, funded by EUREKA and the national funding agencies associated with the Eurostars program. It was held in the offices of Meatable (Delft). This ScaLaBlle-MEAT project is coordinated by Daan Luining (CTO and cofounder of Meatable). Four different companies with 4 different and complementary expertises are associated within this consortium: Meatable (Holland), Bit Bio (UK), Ebers (Spain) and HCS Pharma (France), with the objective to develop the technological platform to produce lab-grown meats.

From left to right : Ester Weijers (Catalyze), Victor Alastrue (Ebers), Daan Luining (Meatable), Anne-Claire Guenantin (Bit Bio ltd), Farah Patell-Socha (Bit Bio ltd) , Kristine Stickney (Catalyze) , Nathalie Maubon (HCS Pharma) and Zied Souguir (HCS Pharma)

Daan Luining, the cofounder and CTO of Meatable, has a huge expertise in lab-grown meat and coordinates the project with support of Catalyze.

Bit Bio ltd, represented by Farah Patell-Socha, Business Developement and Anne-Claire Guenantin, senior scientist, develops human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with opti-ox (optimized inducible overexpression) technology for precise reprogramming. This allows to differentiate iPSCs into muscle or fat cells faster and more effectively than other systems. Bit Bio will set up the same opti-ox iPSCs cells from bovine species.

Ebers, represented by Victor Alastrue (CTO of the company), will develop bioreactors to scale-up the expansion of cells and the differentiation of iPSCs into meat.

Thanks to BIOMIMESYS® technology, HCS Pharma represented by Nathalie Maubon (CEO/CSO) and Zied Souguir (Senior scientist), is involved in this project to develop an eatable hydroscaffold for 3D cell culture, adapted to the expansion and differentiation of bovine iPSCs.

This kick-of meeting took place in an open-minded atmosphere, with possibilities of collaboration that will exceed this Eurostar program!

We are looking forward to working with all consortium members on this very exciting project! Thank you all for sharing your expertise with us, and for the interesting discussions last week. In particular, we would like to thank Dan Luning and Ester Weijers and Kristine Stickney from Catalyze for organizing such a great day!

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