34% of safety failure in clinical trials concern the Central Nervous system. HCS Pharma has developed human 3D cellular model including the matricial microenvironment, in the aim to better select drug candidates. This model is available for High Content Screening on our Robotic Platform.

BIOMIMESYS® Brain hydroscaffold™ is a hyaluronic acid-based matrix, grafted with structural and adhesion molecules, which mimics the extracellular matrix. It allows to culture cells in 3D in a relevant microenvironnement. In this matrix, neuroblastoma cells form spheroïds and express neuronal markers like β-3-tubulin, synaptophysin and tyrosin hydroxylase after neuronal differentiation in a serum-free medium:

These neuronal cells cultured in BIOMIMESYS® Brain allow to detect toxicity, with a shift in the Lethal Concentration 50% (LC50%) compared to 2D culture:

The service: we incubate your molecules of interest on neurons cultured in 3D in BIOMIMESYS® to asses their neurotoxic effects (decrease on the neuronal viability compared to the vehicle control), by fluorescence microscopy and automatized image analysis.

Other neuronal cell types can also be used for your neurotoxicity assesment, including dopaminergic neuronal cell line, and primary human astrocytes.

These models are available in 96-well plate, compatible with immunostaining and with our robotic plateforme, and thus can be used for High Content Screening of your molecules.