Context: 97% of drug candidates in oncology fail in clinical trials. Indeed, in the microenvironment is a key element in cancer initiation, progression and propagation and should be considered for anti-cancerous drug assessment to ensure a high predictability and a relevant selection of drug-candidates.

Our solution: HCS Pharma has developed 3D human in vitro models of colon cancer including the matricial microenvironment thank to BIOMIMESYS® Oncology, in order to better select drug candidates. BIOMIMESYS® Oncology allows the long-term culture of colon cancer cells and thus chronic treatments with repeated doses, more relevant in the field of anticancer therapy assessment.

The service : We incubate your molecules of interest on colon cancer cells in 3D in BIOMIMESYS® Oncology, to assess their therapeutic effect by fluorescence microscopy and automatized image analysis on our robotic HCS platform.

Read-outs: cell viability, cell proliferation, fibroblast activation, ECM secretion, etc.