HCS Pharma is a biotechnology company focused on in vitro R&D, specializing in high content (HCA) and high throughput (HCS) cell imaging screening. HCS Pharma sells products based on BIOMIMESYS® technology, and develops its own 3D cellular models in its proprietary BIOMIMESYS® extracellular matrix. BIOMIMESYS® 3D culture technology faithfully reproduces the natural microenvironment of cells in 3D, to ensure more predictive results from in vitro studies, to reduce the time and cost of R&D, and animal testing in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies.

HCS Pharma est une société de biotechnologie axée sur la R&D in vitro, spécialisée dans l’imagerie cellulaire à haut débit (HCS et HCA).

HCS Pharma commercialise des produits basés sur la technologie BIOMIMESYS® et développe ses propres modèles cellulaires 3D dans sa matrice extracellulaire exclusive BIOMIMESYS®.

La technologie de culture BIOMIMESYS® 3D reproduit fidèlement le microenvironnement naturel des cellules en 3D, afin d’assurer des résultats plus prédictifs des études in vitro, de réduire le temps et le coût de la R&D ainsi que les essais sur les animaux dans les entreprises pharmaceutiques, nutraceutiques et cosmétiques.

HCS is a multi-parametric imaging system, which allows to gain time and money by following several parameters within the same experiment. We can perform proof of concept / mechanism of action assays, assay development and primary or secondary screenings for you.

We develop our own models that we offer for services in different fields (Toxicology, Pharmacology, Dermocosmetic), our own compound libraries (Prestwick, ENZO, ELF…), and our own innovative and exclusive 3D technology BIOMIMESYS® biofunctionalized scaffold for innovative phenotypic screening model.

We are located on 2 sites (Lille and Rennes) with 2 distinct specialties: human health in Lille, and nutrition & wellness (Cosmetology and Nutraceutics) in Rennes.

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In Lille, we own 2 cell culture labs and one automation lab equipped with a robotic platform named HAPIx, including 2 confocal HCS systems (ImageXpress micro confocal systems from Molecular Devices).

Our HAPIx installation in Lille with two @MolecularDevices #ImageXPressMicroConfocal #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

To help you visualize what an automation platform is, we are happy to share with you a short immersive video “inside” HAPIx ! If you want to experiment it, please use a Google cardboard or something similar:

In Rennes, we own one cell culture lab, one imaging lab with one HCS system (ImageXpress micro XLS from Molecular Devices) and one automation lab with a pipetting system in stand alone.

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