After obtaining this Master’s degree in Biology and Health Science at Lille University in 2022, Nathan Laneret has just begun a PhD thesis under the supervision of Pr. RA Toillon and Dr. Nathalie Maubon thanks to ANRT fundings (CIFRE). Through this collaboration between the Cellular Plasticity and Cancer team from Canther Lab (OncoLille) and HCS Pharma, this PhD work focuses on the development of models to study brain and liver metastasis in triple negative breast cancer.

Previous results showed that metastasis propagation varied according to the organs in vivo, and these different metastasis behaviors have been reproduced in vitro in BIOMIMESYS® Brain and BIOMIMESYS® Liver matrix, highlighting the importance to consider the organ-specificity of the extracellular matrix. The objective of this new PhD project is to identify more precisely which components and which physico-chemical parameters of the matrix are involved in this differences of metastasis behavior.

This thesis will demonstrate how BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture technology is useful to study organ-specific metastasis in vitro. These models will be transposed to other metastatic cancers, and will allow to study their biology and screen innovative therapeutic molecules.

Welcome Nathan!

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold™, a unique technology for 3D cell culture mimicking both the biological composition and the physo-chemical properties of the native extracellular matrix.


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